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The day that La Omi is born is the same day that Matteo is born. Before, she was Edith Pérez Amo and he was yet to come. She —born in Germany to Granada/Basque migrant parents— is a wife, mother, businesswoman and entrepreneur. She never for grapes; until she started working the wine. Can you guess what her dream was? She was never creating a wine. It was having a grandson.

At the moment when she is told that she is going to be a grandmother, she asks her daughter to be baptized Matteo.

— But mom, what name is that?

— Matteo. Written with two tees. Because when I see a Mateo on the street I will know that there is no other like him, that our Matteo is unique. Since nobody says no to Edith, she even convinced her son-in-law. “There are mothers-in-law who are witches. This is a witch who is also a mother-in-law”, she laughed as she accepted such a bizarre name for her own child.

When little Matteo is born, he brings Edith a new title under his arm: “La Omi” (grandmother in German). She, overwhelmed and nervous, wants to toast. With wine, with her soul and with her imagination. The third weighs more and she, to achieve it, now she does, she decides to create a wine.

— I highlight her body, her tonality dazzles you. It is elegant! His hold of hers in his mouth lasts for at least forty seconds.

— Nacho Guerras, listen to me! She shouted at her friend and partner halfway across her face.

— Thank you for helping me make this project a reality. Nacho took a deep breath.

— Mateos… It’s my maternal grandmother’s surname. I always carry it, I always feel it. You, who are the Omi, my grandmother has brought you so that we can bring out this wine.

Some say that this miracle was written. Others believe that it is the work of the winery in La Seca, Valladolid, where they carefully choose the grapes until they achieve a 100% Verdejo that is impossible to forget. A Wheel always works. However, the only sure thing is that this flavor is here to stay. Much more than forty seconds in your mouth.

So if you ask us about Matteo’s story, we have to tell you that it is nothing like what you just read. Matteo’s story is yet to be written. Because what is drunk and lived is past. While this wine is future.

Matteo. But with two tees. So you know there is no other like it. Which is as unique as our future.

MATTEO is future.

Wine in superlative mode. Pure essentialism of the grape. High level features. It has to be the main white wine for all lunches and dinners, not only at Christmas, but all year round. Majestic.

Antonio Q.

VERY high Remarkable rating for a wine that surprises in the mouth. Professional and with character. A very interesting initiative with a beautiful story behind it.

Health and success for Matteo.

Carolina F.

I was surprised by the good take he has. At home, everyone has thought it was the best white wine they have tasted. I am convinced that it will soon be a proposal to take into account in all the celebrations.

Mar A.

Congratulations on making such a beautiful story come true. I highly value the quality of the product and of course the effort to get it up and running. Now whenever I go out for lunch / dinner I ask if they have Matteo with 2 T’s

Jose Mª B.

“Part of the profits go to the El Sueño de Vicky Foundation, which raises funds for childhood cancer research.

2,500 children are diagnosed with childhood cancer in Spain, being the leading cause of infant death among children aged 2 to 16 years. Despite this, it is considered a rare disease, so hardly any public funds are allocated for its financing.

In order to cure, you must first investigate.

Because children with cancer don’t need miracles, they need research.

More information at”

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